Wednesday, July 12, 2006

My Fleet Farm Finds

I found all of these scrappy items at Fleet Farm of all places! Can you believe that???
And it was all clearanced out. . .the most expensive
item was $1.50. . .and I think that was something
metal. . .I forget. Anyway, most of these items
were 70 & 90 cents! I love bargain shopping!

I have to get scrapping!

We're going to build!!! We plan to break ground in November of this year! I have to get my house in order for selling. That means I have to really get going on my 12 step program for being a packrat! Garage sale here I come!


Michelle said...

very cool buys! enjoy the new scrappy goods Jen :)

Cami said...

great deals!

Amy W. said...

yummy find!

congrats on your new house venture! now...purge, purge, purge! think of the EXTRA scrap money a garage sale can bring. hehe ;>