Saturday, July 08, 2006

Hi there

Wow, me again! Back so soon! Let's see, . . . . I went to Fleet Farm yesterday to pick up dog food. . .and I ventured down the scrappy aisle. . . whoa! Clearance!!!!!!!! I made a haul at great prices. . . now I need to decide whether to keep it for me - ruining my string of no personal buying - or to give it away. Hmmm. . . I'll have to ponder on that one:)

Anyway - worked today. Got done early. We have an adult Easter Egg hunt tonight at our friends' house. It's always fun & quite interesting.

I need to go shower now. Carter is sleeping in my arms - very fun to type one handed! Here's a pic of Parker on the evening of his 4th birthday party. What a sweetie!


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to Parker..what a cute kid he is!

Amy W. said...

sweet photo! :>