Wednesday, July 19, 2006


OK, so I haven't quite captured it in this photo. . .but he IS walking. Today he took 5 steps on his own. It's the cutest thing ever. Look at how cute he is! Today I heard, "Look! He's standing!" from Parker (the toothless, scarred eyelid & now scratched up nose boy). Then Carter proceded to take a few more steps on his own before plopping down in a fit of giggles & drool.

Did I mention he has 4 teeth already? And another on the way? Oh the joys of teething & biting.

Spencer & Parker are now into daredevil tricks on their two wheeled bikes. . .can't wait for that ER visit. Surprisingly, Parker managed to do a "face plant" while riding his scooter yesterday. He had a bloody nose & scrapes across it. Lovely. Here is Spencer demonstrating a trick.

Gotta run. . . .


Michelle said...

I love the pictures.. how cute! I can't believe he's walking and 4 teeth!!! Where does the time fly.. thanks for sharing Jen.. you know me.. gotta see those baby and kid pictures :) Adorable :)

Amy W. said...

baby is getting BIG! ;>