Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Back in the GAME

Holy Moses! It's been WAY too long. I will try to keep updating. . .try:)

New things:
I'm doing well with my full time job as a labor & delivery nurse. LOVE IT!
Spencer is in soccer & he is really good at it. Scores goals every game. 5 year olds are so cute.
Parker, the one with his 2 front teeth missing, now has a little scar on his right eye lid from a burn. . . campfire, stick, 4 year old, ambulance. . . need I say more? He's OK.
Carter has 4 teeth! He's still happy as ever, wants to walk. . .is so silly as he giggles at everything.
We meet with a builder tomorrow to see the sketches he came up with for our new home! I'm super duper excited!!! We plan to build starting next spring. Lots to do to get this house ready to sell.
I'm going to let my Pampered Chef business go completely as soon as 2 months pass that I have no orders. I just want my chance to get the newest products at 50% off & then I'm going to let it go. Tough decision. . .but necessary.
We sold our rental property finally! This is such a good thing let me tell you.
WE bought bicycles for Scott & I. Now I have no excuse not to get back into shape. I'm still breastfeeding. . .so I have about 10 pounds still on compared to my prepregnancy weight. I'm so OK with that. I just need to get back into shape exercise wise. And I might be able to get my wellness blog going again. . .but let's not push it too much:)

I'm starting myself on a 12 step program. . . I'm admitting I have a problem with being a pack rat. That's the first step. . . I'm on my way.

I'm off to scrapbook. The two older boys & Scott are gone to the fireworks & Carter is sleeping. Time for me to put in some tunes & scrap. I'm almost done with our wedding candids. . .hey, it's only been 8 years!


Michelle said...

I just love that picture of the boys! They've grown since the last picture I've seen. Adorable Jen! Sounds like things are going well for you all..glad to hear it :)

Cami said...

Cute pics of the boys :)
Glad to hear that life is wonderful for you!!!

Amy W. said...

love the photo! we love soccer too! :>