Thursday, July 13, 2006


And so it begins. I have started to attack the clutter that encases my house. OK, it more like encases, entraps, devours, etc. . .my house. You get the point. I have clutter! So far this morning I have gone through the living room. I'm just now working on putting the "put away" box stuff away. The only problem I run into (OK, not the only problem. Who am I kidding?) is that the places I need to put this stuff away are cluttered as well. THAT is a big problem.

So, anyway, I've conquered the living room. Well, almost. I have a box of give away/sell items. I have a laundry basket of put away items that is half put away already - yay! I have a throw away bag & a recycle bag. I also decided that the give away stuff had to be divided a little so I have a Pampered Chef to give away bag as well. . .you know, all of the paperwork stuff that you think you will use someday. I also subdivided the put away stuff into a general basket & then the Leggos & the Bionicles got their own receptacles to ease the later task of going through that!

See, this gets complicated even at this early stage!

OK, I've got to quit procrastinating now. . . maybe I'll get the chance to take a shot of my clutter progress. . .nah, that would be even more reason to procrastinate!

I'll update later!

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Amy W. said...

i'm soooo going through this now too! i spent ALL day yesterday purging my daughter's room (10yrs). i came out with a bag each of garbage, sale stuff, and things that just don't belong in her room. my biggest problem is that i want everything in it's place. her barbies must all be in their CORRECT clear plastic box under the bed (she rarely plays with them anyway). she has a microscope in the box in her closet but i found some random slides laying around...that kills me...they need to be in the box! lol seeeee how my de-cluttering is going?!? hope you get through yours without injury! ;>