Saturday, April 12, 2008

Buttons, Buttons Everywhere!

Thanks to an idea from Bridget, we now have our own Button System complete with jars & lots of BUTTONS! I still have to make my lists & get them looking cute. I had a blast buying buttons. I got these beauties from Hobby Lobby. While I was there I also found some really cool fabric in the bargain bin & some awesome ribbon (30 yards!) - 16 different pieces (I actually got a bonus yard so it was 31 yards - yay!).

It's AMAZING how motivating this technique has been with my boys. . .especially Spencer who just could not wait to get the jars made. (And I need to add their letters to the jars yet too.) I couldn't get the holes in the lids so I improvised with cut plastic bags & rubberbands for now.

Spencer & Parker are constantly asking, "If I do this. . . does that mean I get more buttons?" For the LOVE, they think they get extra buttons for everything. . .but when they go above & beyond they get more - so that excites the living daylights out of them. Carter, well, he couldn't care less for the most part. . .but he join in anyway.

While I haven't gotten any scrapbooking done, I have done some sewing. Here is my latest endeavor. When finished, it should be a patchwork, raggy edged purse. I do hope it turns out. I plan to try a zipper for the first time too. I know, ambitious. It is once again Winter here in Wisconsin. After one week of Spring, we skipped summer & fall completely & just dove right back into Winter.

So wish me luck with this adventure. I'm not using a pattern so I hope it turns out. I have ideas in this crazy head of mine:) don't you just love the flower & the button? I've been wanting to use that big old flower on something for a long time.


Bridget said...

Wow, now that's a nice bunch of buttons! It makes me want to go out and buy more- like I need more ;o). I'm so glad it's working for you.

Anonymous said...

and what are the buttons for?? LF