Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Should I departmentalize???

The blog, that is. . . I've been surfing blog wonderland tonight & have seen many different formats. . . I don't really want to have a bunch of separate blogs to address my eclectic life. but I also realize that certain people don't give a hoot about my new obsession with designing bags & God only knows what & on the same note. . .many people don't care to read about the latest issues I'm having trying to balance my boys, career, health, hobbies & the list goes on. .

So I'm sure I'll ponder this in my sleep (if I get to sleep tonight). The boys have been making nightly rendezvous to our bed. . .they don't usually arrive all at once. And they don't usually get escorted back to their own rooms all at once either. We would never be THAT fortunate. It's one at 1:30 AM cuz he's scared. Then it's another one at 3 AM because he needs his "pup" (a.k.a. cup) & then yet the other one because one of the others woke him up in the process of coming or going or he has to pee & feels the need to inform us of the much needed event before, during or after said event. Gotta love boys! I thought this kind of waking every 2 hours bull$#!t was over after infancy! What to Expect When You're Expecting doesn't share with you all of these joys. . .I skipped the sequel. I truly love being a Mom. . really, I do. I am getting OLDER people! I NEED MY SLEEP!!! And yet, given the opportunity to crash early tonight I sit here typing like a mad woman. What? Am I on a mission to take over the Super Woman throne? Yeah, not gonna happen. I am in no way, shape or form Super Mom, Housewife, fill in any domesticated thing a ma jig here that you want. My house is a catastrophe at present time (which, for those who really do know me, will be of no surprise). I have MT. Laundry errupting from just about every laundry basket known to man(if only clean laundry would fold & put itself away). . .plus a laundry room reaching critical mass. My dishes are not done. Dishwasher. . you guessed it. . . clean & not emptied. Bed, - HA! I'm getting back into it anyway. (YUP, Mom & Dad, you wrecked that one for me. I'm rebelling by NOT making it. The only way dust mites die is by exposure to sunlight. . .so that's my story.) I think we have an island in the kitchen as well as a table. . .but I might have to hire someone to find them. I don't know how SAHM's do it! And Single SAHMs. . .They wear the real capes!

Done whining. . .well, I was just stating facts. I know I have to get my crap in order & do it. So, instead of tackling any of these things tonight, I've worn myself out making the list so now I'll go to bed hoping to awaken when the sun rises (NOT BEFORE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, PLEASE LET ME SLEEP! Well, as long as everyone is OK that is.) Maybe I'm bipolar. . . nah, just PMS.

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