Thursday, April 24, 2008


"Are you waffin' at me?" "What? Are you kiddin' me?" And let's not forget, "Pooperman" instead of Superman. . . This kid is hilarious! And he's all MINE! I pretend to nibble on him once in a while. .. & he laughs his ever lovin' butt off. But once in a while I ask if I can munch on him. . . just a little moment ago he comes up to me as I'm blog surfing. . .and he says, "Munch on me 'gain, Momma." I say, "What? Are you serious?" He says, "Yeah, munch on my boo boo." (FYI, "boo boo" is his belly)
His blonde, curly hair is absolutely adorable. . .even though it needs to be cut badly. Buggers. . .was going to take a pic of him just then but my batteries need charging. . . later for that. (added the pic now!) So I'm just loving up my little man today. . . there will, sadly, come a day when he no longer wants his Momma to munch on him. . .& quite frankly, there probably SHOULD come that day. . . (kind of freaks the neighbors out if you're munching on your 13 year old - not to mention it's probably illegal in most states).
I'll be back. . .

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