Thursday, April 17, 2008

Putting on the Cape

This summer I will be Super Mom! We're not sending the 6 & 7 year old boys to daycare or summer school this summer. So I decided that we'd do some summer schooling of our own instead. I want them to continue to learn new things & be exposed to new adventures. So I'm planning on making it fun. Ideas??? Well, thanks to my neighbor, I have the idea to teach them (Oh, & learn myself) Sign Language. I think they'll like this (as they already learned a not so nice sign!) & this is something the 2 year old can learn as well. In fact, I think "Silent Moments" could be part of a daily ritual around here & much appreciated for our sanity.

Other ideas include: basic Spanish, gardening, natural resources, underwater basketweaving. . .OK, maybe not that. We will of course continue reading everyday. I think this is fundamental no matter what. But I think I shall put on the cape &, follow me here, schedule our time! Oh NO! What did I just type?? ME, structured with my "FREE TIME?" Never! I'm going to try it. It just might lead to less stress & more stuff getting done. Maybe. . . I'm willing to try.

The little guy is sleeping. . .so I'm going to work on my bag. Hopefully I'll have an update & pics later today:)

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